Literature describing life history of the Rhizophydiales

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(R. columnaris on Spirotaenie)

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(R. anomalum on Apiocystis)

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(R. ephippium on Stylosphaeridium)
(R. sphaerocystidis on Sphaerocystis)

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(R. oblongatum on Dinobryon)

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(R. hyalobryon on Hyalobryon)
(R. uniguttulatum)

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(R. contractophilum on Eudorina)

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(R. androdioctes on Dictyosphaerium).

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(R. ovatum on Stigeoclonium).

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(Rhizophydium sp. on Spirogyra)

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(R. couchii on Spirogyra)

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Mycologia 44: 759-772.
(R. tenue)

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(R. goniosporum, R. granulosporum on Tribonema).

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