What are Lobulomycetalean Chytrids?

Current systematic synthesis of the order Lobulomycetales:

The Order Lobulomycetales includes five genera and six species:

Lobulomycetaceae D.R. Simmons
Lobulomyces angularis (Longcore) D.R. Simmons
Lobulomyces poculatus (Willoughby & Townley) D.R. Simmons
Clydaea vesicula D.R. Simmons
Maunachytrium keaense D.R. Simmons
Alogomyces tanneri D.R. Simmons & P.M. Letcher (Alogomycetaceae Doweld)
Cyclopsomyces plurioperculatus K. Seto & Y. Degawa

Lobulomycetalean Chytrids are Found in Diverse Habitats:

Lobulomycetalean chytrids are common in the soil and have been found in horse dung (Alogomyces tanneri). Cyclopsomyces plurioperculatus, isolated from forest soil in Japan, is unusual within this group because the sporangium forms multiple operculate discharge openings (3). Ultrastructural chacterization of the zoospore of Chytriomyces multioperculatus indicates that this taxon is a member of this order (7).