Rhizophlyctidales Zoospore Types

Four Ultrastructural Forms of Zoospores are Produced in this Order

Recent ultrastructural and molecular analyses (Letcher et al. 2008)demonstrate that R. rosea is a morphogenus distinct from the Spizellomycetales (Barr 1980). As a consequence, a new order has been established which includes four families and four genera, each with distinctive zoospore ultrastructure. The four types of zoospores, however, share certain characteristics that reflect their phylogenetic relationships (Letcher et al. 2008).

Rhizophlyctis rosea
Sonoraphlyctis ranzonii Borealophlyctis paxensis


CV = cored-vesicle, ER=endoplasmic reticulum, K=kinetosome, L= lipid globule, Mb = microbody, MvB = multivesicular vesicle, NEx = nuclear extension, NfC = non-flagellated centriole, R= ribosomal aggregation


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